Weddings - Simon Lee Photography


We believe the most important thing on your wedding day is you.

There are enough things to worry about, and we don't want Photography to be one of them.

For sure we believe it is one of the most important aspects,

after all, it will be one of the only things left over to remind you of that most special day of your life.

This is what we believe, and we are passionate about what we do and also how we do it.

We don't just want to take pictures, we want to create images.

Images that will tell a story, timeless and artistic, contemporary without being gimmicky.

We want these to be beautiful forever. Take a look at the images we take.

We like to document your experience of the days events through pictures.

Tell the story of relationships, emotions.

We love what we do, its a privilege we take very seriously and hopefully it shows in our pictures

Please have a look at our work, visit our packages page and check out our feedback.

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